Undaunted (Student Edition)

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Christine Caine is no superhero. She’s just like you. And she is changing the world.

When Christine was thirty-three, she found out she was adopted. Even more shocking, she had been abandoned by her birth mother and never even given a name, only a number. This new knowledge could’ve caused her to question everything she ever understood about her identity, but instead it has fueled her to reach out to others in the world.

Here, Christine shares how God helped her overcome abuse, abandonment, fear and other challenges on her way to a mission of adventure. Fueled by faith and filled with love and courage, Christine and her husband bring the light of Jesus into the dark world of sex-trafficking. Her personal stories will inspire you to hear your name called, just as Christine heard her own – “You are beloved, you are the hope, you are chosen”- and to go into a dark and troubled world, knowing each of us processes all it takes to bring hope, create change, and live completely for Christ.

Part inspirational tale, part manifesto, Undaunted: Student Edition will stir you to live a life of adventure.