The Spark: Why Passionate Young Social Entrepreneurs Are Working To Change The World

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by Derek V. Smith

“Come, my friends,
‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.”
–Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Derek Smith is entranced with social entrepreneurism—the notion of fusing the passion of youth with technological innovation and the discipline and efficiencies of the business world. Social entrepreneurs develop innovative solutions to pressing issues. Ultimately, they drive wide-scale and positive societal change. A former CEO of a technology company, Smith designed GivingPoint to stimulate young people to understand the world, nurture their social passions, create strong bonds and take action to implement positive change. The accomplishments that fill the pages of The Spark Why Passionate Young Social Entrepreneurs Are Working To Change the World, have been won by selfless young men and women poised to become builders of community… idealists determined to build a caring and compassionate world. GivingPoint combines technology with mentoring, education, financial support, networking and positive role modeling. “In a technology-driven world,” Smith says, “the human heart and human hand must be on technology’s trigger.” GivingPoint relies on robust support from parents, educators, counselors, corporate and community leaders. Some of the nation’s leading philanthropists are rallying to GivingPoint, citing giving back as a vital component of their own success and satisfaction. Sixteen GivingPointers have won prized Gates Millennium Scholarships on the strength of their social entrepreneurialism. Their passion is the Spark spreading GivingPoint’s message from Atlanta to the rest of the country and beyond. Be part of this change; nurture the spark within you into a roaring flame. Be part of this new community of social philanthropy.