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Feel like your kids are drowning in a sea of new questions, apps, and devices? Want to talk about digital media more with your kids, but aren’t sure how?

Help is here.
Right Click helps you think and talk differently about digital media, as you learn from inspiring and creative parents like you who navigate these ever-changing waters day after day. Approach this new connected world like a team and address your most pressing tech related dilemmas.

  • How do I teach my kids to use social media responsibly?
  • Why do my kids constantly check their phones?
  • How can we be present when we’re in the same room?
  • How do I handle the tough stuff: inappropriate sharing, bullying and porn?
  • How do I make digital media a force that knits our family together rather than ripping us apart?

Right Click equips our family to approach this new connected world like a team. It helps you develop relationships, not rules. Supervision, not surveillance. And best of all, a plan that works without making media- or you- the enemy.

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Porn, Smart stuff, and Thoughtfulness

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April 3, 2017

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6 Diagnostic Questions for Social Media and Video Games

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March 15, 2017

By: Larry Fulmer

Post with Purpose

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By: Tom Pounder

Using Social Media to Build Community

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A Video Training Series: Social Media

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Social Media and Student Ministry

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November 9, 2016

By: Brad Griffin

Help Parents Win with Digital Media AND their Teenagers

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By: Darrel Girardier

4 Myths About Social Media that Keep Your Church From Growing

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