New: First Steps for New Christ-Followers

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If you’ve given you life to Christ, the Bible is pretty clear: YOU ARE NEW!

But what does it mean to be new? How does your new life look? How does the new you talk? Act? Think? What stuff should the new you care about? How is your new relationship with God different than the relationship the old “you” had?

You’ve take the first and maybe hardest step. You’ve reached out to God, accepting the salvation only Christ can give. But knowing that you need God is just the beginning. “What’s next?” is an entirely different question.

But don’t worry! That’s what NEW is all about. NEW: First Steps For New Christ-Followers is an interactive experience that helps you take the next steps in your new journey with Christ.

This small book packs a big bunch. Here’s some of what’s inside:

  • 4-weeks of biblically solid, interactive, and creative daily devotions
  • Important articles dealing with key issues of your NEW faith
  • A collection of charts, verses, lists, and graphics to help you understand the Bible
  • Guides to help you go deeper in your faith when you’re ready