Morphine: Dealing with the Pain in Your Life | 4-week Digital Curriculum Series ($15)

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Throughout this four-week series, students will discuss the question of why pain and evil exist, how to deal with the
pain in our lives, how to see the bigger picture in the midst of our pain, and how to move past that pain and experience
all that God has for us. This series is conversational in style, will work well in small groups, and is designed with both middle school and high school students in mind.

Note: Before beginning this series, it will be important to prepare yourself and your adult leaders for how best to
handle conversations with any student who is experiencing significant pain in their life. Review your ministry policies
and have a referral plan in place to ensure your team can respond quickly and properly to students who express
concerns of depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction, and suicide.

  • Publisher: AYM Publishing