Building Spiritual Muscle

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A Six-Week Journey To Shape A More Powerful Faith

Just as an athlete trains the body for a game and an intellectual trains the mind for a test, faith can be exercised, strengthened, and developed.

Building Spiritual Muscle is a six-sessions Bible study and discipleship resource designed to help youth work out their spiritual muscles and build their faith. Content is provided for weekly group meetings, including scripts for training and coaching for adult leaders, directions for using a student progress journal, and links to video clips of key speakers – “trainers” – who will provide youth with spiritual inspiration, guidance, and encouragement. The brief videos will guide discussion for groups, with individual participants setting their own learning and spiritual-growth goals. The six weekly session, include “Believe God,” “Mastering Determination,” “Change is Good,” “Proceed with Passion,” “Anchored in Discipline,” and “Go On Together.”

**A resource developed by the United Methodist Church**

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