2017-18 Theme: Supernatural

Theme Overview

All this I have spoken while still with you. But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. —John 14:25

PlanetWisdom 2018 will tackle the Holy Spirit – who he is, what he does and his powerful role in the lives of his followers. We will challenge students to know him better and to tap into the power of God that lives inside of his children.

PlanetWisdom is, first and foremost, a discipleship event for teenagers. This discipleship happens in many forms over the course of a two-day PW event—and throughout a teenager’s lifetime. They get discipled when they listen to the speakers, worship along with the band, study the Bible with their peers and digest what they’ve learned with their youth leader.

But the most important shepherd in the discipleship process is the Holy Spirit. We want teenagers to leave PW with a strong definition of what the Holy Spirit is and isn’t in their lives. Because of the Holy Spirit, they’re never alone. It’s not just the third box to check in the trilogy list. The Holy Spirit is an unseen, supernatural force that resides in their hearts, enabling them to overcome everyday pressures and trials so they can live out the fruits of the spirit and become more Christ-like.

PW Theme - Supernatural

Session Overviews

1. Three – in – One

God is three-in-one. This truth is the centerpiece of our faith. We love talking about God the Father (who is so majestic and mighty) and God the Son (who is so loving and kind). But what do we say and know about God the Holy Spirit (who is so different, so invisible, so vague … so supernatural). This weekend, we’ll focus specifically on the Holy Spirit, the centerpiece of a powerfully transformed life.

2. Out With the Old – In With the New

The inner battle between the old nature and the Spirit is very real. In many ways, it defines each moment of our daily lives. We are called to bear fruit, fruit that comes directly through the Spirit’s work in our lives. We are also called to wear new “clothes” – to be people who think, speak, and act differently than the world. We’ll unpack Galatians 5, John 15, and Colossians 3 as we talk about the Spirit’s power to change us, guide us, and clothe us.

3. Battlezone

The battle going on in our hearts is a reflection of the larger cosmic battle going on all around us. Paul told the Ephesians that we don’t wrestle against mere flesh and blood – we wrestle against unseen powers and principalities that want God’s kingdom to crumble and his followers to fail. But over and above everything is the supreme unseen power – the Holy Spirit – who not only helps us in our personal inner battles but also guides us in the larger battles of the unseen world.

4. You are Gifted

Spiritual gifting isn’t optional, additional, bonus, or arbitrary. People who follow Jesus are all gifted by the same Spirit so that God’s kingdom is stronger, unified, fruitful, and faithful. Spiritual gifts are much more than a simple checklist in a short survey. They are deeply woven into our personhood, designed and planned by God. Identifying spiritual gifts can be challenging, especially for young people, but it’s vital for all of us to recognize and put into practice the gifts given us by the Holy Spirit.

5. We are Gifted

New to Planet Wisdom this year – small group time to process what students have heard and learned. After a short introduction, groups will break off into separate spaces to talk through guided questions and conversation-starters focusing especially on how the Holy Spirit gifts each person and gives clear insight into our true identities.

6. The Choice is Yours

The Holy Spirit is powerfully present in the hearts of all who follow Jesus. His guidance and promptings are real. It’s up to us to decide how we will respond. Will we ignore him? Defy him? Listen to and obey him? New Testament stories of people who followed the spirit, grieved the spirit, and quenched the spirit will help students think through their own responses to the Holy Spirit.