2016-17 Theme: Fearless

Theme Overview

Fears – we all have them. We’ve all felt it. We all know what it’s like. So the question isn’t: “How can I never be afraid again?” because that’s not how life works. The question is: “Are you ready to name and face your fears?” If so, you can be fearless when it comes to sharing your faith. You can be fearless when it comes to facing the consequences of sin. You can be fearless when it comes to embracing your true identity. You can be fearless when it comes to encouraging others. Most importantly, you can be fearless when it comes to fearing the Lord and following Jesus. We’ll talk about all these things – and much more – at Planet Wisdom 2016-2017.


Session Overviews

Session 1 – Tears & Fears

There is Fear with a big ‘F’ and fear with a little ‘f’. One is an emotion and the other causes the emotion. We all have fear and have to learn how to cope with it.

Session 2 – Fear Factor

The Bible has a multitude of stories about fear. How did these people deal with it? Recognizing the fears that we and even the people in the Bible had. You’re not alone in this, but God can help.

Session 3 – Stage Fright

One of our biggest fears may be about sharing our faith. Living our your faith boldly is a process and takes time. It may be scary, but take the examples of those who shared their faith despite their fear.

Session 4 – Naked & Afraid

Fear can also come into our lives because of our sin. David and Bathsheba have a story that shows what fear can do to us because of sin. Confessing your sins will help you become a fearless person.

Session 5 – Peers & Fears

Everyone deals with fear, you are not alone in that. Sharing fears will help you encourage one another and remind you that God has a stronger identity for you. It’s not about becoming braver, it’s about letting God help you fear less.

Session 6 – Holy Fear

There are healthy fears that help you live a safer life or put you in awe of God. But those other fears are what should make you run towards God. The fear of the Lord can bring you closer to Him in reverence and awe so that you can give up your fears to Him consistently.
Join us this year as we become fearless!
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