PlanetWisdom is all about discipleship

Since 2001, PlanetWisdom has impacted the lives of teens across the country. At PlanetWisdom, we’re passionate about empowering students to become thinking, growing, authentic followers of Jesus Christ in today’s world.

PlanetWisdom is a two-day, regional discipleship conference designed to challenge middle and high school students to dig deeper into the Bible and see their world from God’s perspective.

Your students will hear teaching they can relate to. They’ll have opportunities to reflect and engage—as a group and independently—using their own PlanetWisdom journals to guide them more fully into the Bible.

At PlanetWisdom, you as a youth leader can participate with your students as they reflect on Scripture, engage in worship and have lots of fun!

PlanetWisdom is run by Youth Specialties, an organization with more than 45 years of history that is dedicated to serving the church so youth workers can help teenagers find and follow Jesus.