There are so many ways at NYWC to get equipped, networked and encouraged. Find out more about all the opportunities filling these three days.

The place where everyone at NYWC gathers together to hear from top speakers and artists. Check out Big Room

Choose from more than 80 seminars that offer compelling insight into relevant topics facing youth ministers today, led by top practitioners in the field. See all seminars

There are more than 80 seminars available to you at NYWC. We want that to be exciting, not overwhelming! Some of these seminars have been assigned tracks to make it easier to get what you need at NYWC. If none of the track topics are for you, you’re always welcome to build your own schedule. See track options

The Intensive Learning Labs occur pre-event and dive deep into a particular area. Each intensive is curated and presented by topic experts. See all intensives

Late Night provides an opportunity to step away from all the busyness of NYWC and spend an hour taking in incredible entertainment that will inspire you and make you laugh! See late night options

Throughout the convention, the YS Idea Lab—located in the exhibit hall—will give you opportunities to engage in unique learning experiences designed around key youth ministry topics and conversations that impact every youth worker. This year, we’re proud to have a portion of our YS blog authors designing and curating the YS Idea Lab schedule! More about the Idea Lab

Soul Care programming—which includes the sanctuary, the prayer chapel and one-on-one time with spiritual directors—offers ways you can take time to restore your soul and refill your cup. More about Soul Care