Idea Lab

The YS Idea Lab is different than anything else you’ll experience at NYWC. Throughout the convention, the YS Idea Lab will give you opportunities to engage in unique learning experiences designed around key youth ministry topics and conversations that impact every youth worker, and this year, we’re proud to have a portion of our YS blog authors designing and curating the YS Idea Lab schedule.

You’ll be able to share as much as you listen, engage with fellow youth workers from different denominations, find unity in the midst of diversity, and connect with others from all over the U.S. who have given their lives over to the same incredible calling to help teenagers find and follow Jesus. You don’t want to miss it.

Here are some of the topics we'll cover from this year's Idea Lab stage.

  • Handling and Healing The Hurts of Ministry
  • Building Strong Youth Ministries: Parents Needed
  • Create Your Next Message Series In 30 Minutes
  • Advice To Young Youth Pastors: Q and A with Older Youth Workers
  • Mastering The Sr Pastor/Youth Pastor Relationship