Street Reach Ministries

Mission Trips

A structured, purposeful approach to urban missions with long term follow-up in the communities we serve.

Street Reach is a ministry of a small inner-city church located in an impoverished area of North Memphis, TN. Street Reach seeks to provide a cross cultural short term mission experience for Christian mission groups, challenging them to grow spiritually by ministering to inner city families with hands-on love and compassion in Memphis, TN and St. Louis, MO. For the children and youth living in this communities we serve, drugs, gangs, crime, and violence are not just stories seen on the news -- they are a way of life. Almost every family has been impacted by some type of abuse and the results can be seen everywhere.

Street Reach impacts these communities by providing Backyard Bible Clubs and service projects in their neighborhoods, where they feel most comfortable. Street Reach strives to meet the needs of the community and love them the way Jesus Christ loves us. Long term follow-up is provided to all communities we serve through strategic partnerships with local community churches.

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