Kaleo Missions

Mission Trips

Bring your students to serve on our Gospel-focused mission trips in San Diego, Portland, New Orleans, Dallas and Minneapolis.

On our mission trips, our heart is to truly be a blessing to the ministries and people that we serve in the city. To do so, we have placed constraints on our program that we feel protect those we serve. Those constraints include:
-We value people and relationships more than “completing a task.”
-Each person is created in God’s image, worthy of respect, and has a story to tell.
-Our Kaleo Kids Bible Club curriculum, created by certified teachers, includes a literacy component to help urban students to grow in their abilities to read and write.
-We break our groups into smaller teams of around 12 students when go out to serve to create opportunities for each student to engage and learn.
-Our weekly schedules include time to listen and learn from ministry leaders in the city. We support local businesses and respect our neighbors.
-We are very selective in hiring our year-round and seasonal staff.
-Our qualified, proven adult City Directors live and serve year-round in the city

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