*Trending: Week of February 19th 2013

This week in Youth Ministry: 

Pull out your original Jars of Clay album, put on your fire/wind/earth themed swag, and ask yourself if you too were a “Youth Group Kid”. Rhett Smith shares about parenting, Jonathan McKee has a  few words for Will.I. AM. YM-360 uncover's Paul's mission for youth ministry, You're Monopoly tokens are changing, and more! 

33 Ways You Know You Were A Youth Group Kid – Buzzfeed

Intentional Parenting: Responsibilty, Privilege and Consequence – Rhett Smith

SCREAM & SHOUT – Jonathan McKee

Paul's Purpose Statement for Youth Ministry– ym360

Your Monopoly Tokens Are Chaning – CNN

Are We Teach the Gospel or Motivationalism? – Doug Fields

Better TV Might Imporve Children's Behavior – ABC News

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