Top 20 Youth Ministry Blogs of 2011

2011 Top 20 Youth Ministry Blogs

This is our third year of maintaining the indexes and rankings. (See 2010 list) The first year we looked purely at stats stats. (A composite of publicly available stats, like Alexa and Technorati.) The second year, we added to the formula a weighted influence rank worth 33% of the final results. Our top 50 bloggers statistically were ranked on influence in an online poll. Starting this year and going forward we have invited the previous years Top 20 to act as the pollsters in the influence ranking. So, the 2010 Top 20 were the influence pollsters for 2011 and so on.

Without further introduction, here is our list of the Top 20 Youth Ministry Blogs of 2011.

2011 Rank Blogger Name URL 2010 Rank
1 Josh Griffin 4
2 Mark Oestreicher 2
3 Tim Schmoyer 3
4 Adam McLane 5
5 Youth Specialties Blog 1
6 Adam Walker Cleaveland 6
7 Doug Fields NR
8 13
9 Jeremy Zach 11
10 Jonathan McKee 12
11 Orange Leaders 7
12 Ian MacDonald 9
13 Rethinking Youth Ministry NR
14 Terrace Crawford 26
15 Chris Folmsbee 8
16 Greg Stier 29
17 Mike King 15
18 Walt Mueller 10
19 Kurt Johnston 19
20 Kenda Creasy Dean NR

We currently index almost 200 youth ministry blogs. If you don't see your favorite or would like to submit one that you think could make it into the Top 20, leave a comment on this post or email adam(at)

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