Movie Review: Despicable Me

It's a hard life being a villain in this economy. The banks won't give you loans for your evil plans to steal famous works of art or national monuments. There are pesky international laws that prevent the theft and usage of shrink rays. And there's the responsibility of taking care of all of your semi-evil minions you've employed for your diabolical bidding.

Such is the life for Gru, the world's former top supervillain. Former, because there's a new guy in town: Vector. Gru is older, more nefarious, hardened by years of the supervillain lifestyle. Vector is the new hip villain–if you can be “hip” wearing a bright orange track suit and sporting a Jim Carrey a la Dumb and Dumber hair style. Gru wants to steal the moon. Literally. So does Vector. Villainous and hilarious conflict ensues.

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Review: Glo Bible

As a student of the Bible, I have many resources that help me obtain more information. I have commentaries about each book of the Bible, maps that show the topography of a region, Greek and Hebrew books that help me better understand the original language, and numerous books that give me differing insights into scripture application. All of these tools have helped me learn and grow, but they can be cumbersome and difficult to carry around. Enter Glo: the Bible for the digital world.

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Review: Hello Hurricane By Switchfoot

For three long years a storm has been building on the horizon. Changes in the atmosphere have taken place – a new in-home studio, a new label, and a return to a sense of purpose. Hello Hurricane, the seventh studio album from the San Diego quintet Switchfoot, clearly shows the effects of those changes. “We built our own studio so we wouldn’t be paying and playing by the hour,” says frontman Jon Foreman. Prepare for a musical storm.

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The Basis of My Identity

YouthWorker Journal contributing editor Dave Ambrose shares some new insights stemming from the book True-Self/False-Self:Unmasking the Spirit Within.

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