jonathan mckee

Death of the Chaperone

I see it all the time. It doesn’t matter what city I’m in—the problem is ubiquitous.…

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The Art of Shutting Up

I’ve got a big mouth. Always have. When I was young, I actually had people ask me, “Do you ever shut up?”

You’ve most likely encountered people like this. If they never learned to be quiet and listen to others, chances are they aren’t very fun to be around. No one likes to be around someone who used the word “I” in every sentence.

Too often, youth workers err on the side of talking instead of listening, and, like me, they need to learn the delicate art of “shutting up.” This is an essential discipline in youth ministry…. and life!

Last year at the YS Palooza conferences (now called YS Team Training) I taught a session to youth workers providing them with five essential tools they could use leading effective small groups.

Any guess what the first tool was?

Duct tape! Covering our mouths.

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Connecting with Students

Last month a student from the high school just down the street from me excused himself from class about 10:15 a.m., walked into a restroom, and shot himself.

It was his 17th birthday.


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