Pregame Checklist

Meeting nights are tough, right? So. Many. Details. Here’s a simple checklist that may help you…

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Trending This Week (Oct 3)

Every Friday we pull our favorite links from across the inter-webs. This week's trending links include…

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How Do I See Myself After High School?: A Sticky Faith Free Download Lesson

Many of the statistics you read about teenagers and faith can be alarming. Recent studies show that 40-50 percent of kids who are connected to a youth group throughout their senior year will fail to stick with their faith in college. As youth workers are pouring their time and energy into the students in their ministries, they are often left wondering if they've done enough to equip their students to carry their faith into adulthood.

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The 3 Foundations to Small Groups You Must Know

Small groups are not the end of ministry; they are the beginning. Many youth workers believe that if they can get kids into small groups, their job is done. But the real job has just begun. Ministry is about life change, and for this to happen, there needs to be an intentional ap- proach to HOW small groups will nurture and shape students’ lives.


Exerpt from “Small Group Strategies” by Laurie Polich

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Do Your Teenagers Know How to Pray?

In a recent gathering of youth workers, we asked everyone (ourselves included) to take thirty minutes in solitude to consider the following about what prayer was like as a teenager:

What helped you come alive to God?
What disciplines sustained your faith?
What do you remember about the content, frequency, and rhythms of your prayers?

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The Best of the Best 2012

Each year Youth Specialties resources 100,000's of youth workers through events, online content, hours of video…

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