Pregame Checklist

Meeting nights are tough, right? So. Many. Details. Here’s a simple checklist that may help you…

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YS Unconference Wrap-up

13 cities, hundreds of youth workers, 30 denominations, 13 days of conversations all in about five weeks time. That was my YS UnConference experience.

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Helping Teenagers in Crisis

When teens hurt, youth workers are often the first to know. When parents panic or worry about their children, they are the first to be called, and when tragedy strikes a community, they are the pillars many look to communicate how students should process and confront challenging and life-changing situations.

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Where are the frontline “trenches” for youth ministry?

This Friday across America, most communities will be hosting a high school football game and a significant portion of the youth in that community will be in attendance.  But how many youth workers will be there?

Before school a group of students will stand next to cars near the high school, smoking, talking, and trying to psyche each other up to endure the teachers’ glares for the day.  They may even share a story or two about how a cop followed them around the night before.  How many of these students are known my name and preferences by a local youth worker?

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Change Begins Here

A great reminder for our students and ourselves… We have to start with ourselves. We must…

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When Did Programming Become the P-Word?

Have you noticed that “programming” has become a bad word in many youth ministry circles?


Don’t get me wrong, I love the push-back against those of us who have become so program-focused that we lose sight of why those programs were created to begin with. Sadly, I’ve seen way too many youth ministries running a Wednesday night program for all the kids that are dropped off by mom and dad. Relational ministry trumps this kind of programming any day of the week, an argument I support throughout my book Connect.


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Introducing The YSnetwork

 The majority of my two decades in youth ministry have involved travelling to churches and cities…

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This weekend at the National Youth Workers Convention we said goodbye to Tic Long after 35…

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Missional Living for Regular People

Living missionally. It’s a great idea, and a concept that is hot—but not always one we take time to live out.
So what does it mean to live missionally anyway?

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