10 Tips to Active Listening

1.  Be committed.
Don’t walk away before there’s a natural conclusion to the conversation.

2.  Don’t be a problem solver.
Even if you have the perfect solution that can end the conversation quickly, wait.  And then some more.

3.  Pay attention to your non-verbal language.
How are you standing/sitting?  Do you have a glazed look on your face?

4. Keep listening!
Avoid the temptation to daydream or to prepare a mental “To Do” list while listening.

5.  Listen with love.
Have a positive attitude during the conversation.  This is not an interruption in your day but an opportunity to reflect God’s love during His day.

6.  Clarify what is being said.
Don’t pretend to know what the speaker is talking about if you don’t.  Don’t be afraid to ask speaker to repeat something that you didn’t hear or to clarify when needed.

7.  Repeat what was said.
Show you’re listening by reiterating what you heard the person say and how she feels

8.  Prove you’re listening.
When appropriate, nod, smile, congratulate, comment, etc.

9.  Wait your turn.
Don’t compose what you’re going to say while someone else is speaking.  Stay focused on what is being said – you’ll have time to get your thoughts together.

10. Look at the person!
Nothing is as insulting as having a conversation with someone who looks everywhere and at everyone but at you.

What would you add?

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