Youth Worker’s Guide to Parent Ministry

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The Kids in Your Youth Group Are Not Isolated Beings…

Ministry to Youth Means Ministry to the Families!

Churches are hiring Youth and Family Pastors, finally, in an overdue ministry focus. A critical component of a family-based or family-friendly youth ministry is a conscious strategy for ministry to the parents of adolescents.

Expectations and opportunities in the area of parent and family ministry have increased dramatically. Youth Worker’s Guide to Parent Ministry develops a model of parent ministry based on the belief that for a youth worker to be truly effective, it is important to lay careful relational groundwork to ensure that the right to be heard has been earned.

Dr. Marv Penner, respected adolescent researcher, youth pastor, and family counselor, presents nine evolving levels of parent ministry–each one strengthening the credibility of the youth worker and opening doors to deeper and more meaningful parent support. Each of the nine levels is supported with a number of practical ideas and strategies for implementation.

Youth Worker’s Guide to Parent Ministry provides both a theoretical framework and the tools for implementation in local-church or para-church settings. Marv constructs his effective plan in a ‘Paradigm Pyramid’—rationale and practical hands-on programming ideas at each of the nine evolving levels of parent ministry:
* Acknowledgement
* Affirmation
* Information
* Encouragement
* Connecting
* Involvement
* Educating
* Co-nurturing

Bible-based, time-tested, innovative, experiential, adoptable! Youth Worker’s Guide to Parent Ministry is a foundational text in this vital area of youth ministry! Featured are sessions, sidebars, Web links, application points, contests and games, sample newsletter ideas, funky cartoons, and many worksheets (all downloadable and adaptable)!

  • Form Description: Softcover
  • Contributor: Marv Penner
  • Contributor Bio: Marv Penner is a youth ministry expert with more than 30 years in the field, chairs the youth and family ministry department at Briercrest Graduate School in Saskatchewan, Canada. He's also director of the Canadian Centre of Adolescent Research and author of 'The Youth Worker's Guide to Parent Ministry' and 'Help! My Kids Are Hurting.'
  • Number of Pages: 180
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Country of Publication: US
  • Publication Date: 2002

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