Tackling the Tough Stuff - Marv Penner

from Marv Penner

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Tackling the Tough Stuff
The landscape is all too familiar for those of us who work with teenagers…addictions, eating disorders, self injury, destructive sexual choices, media saturation, sexual abuse, family breakdown, anxiety, depression and suicide—the dark realities that mark the lives of so many teenagers today. Marv will help you explore and address some of the tough contemporary behavioral, emotional, relational, and circumstantial issues teens are facing. You’ll receive practical principles and proven resources for responding to the big and “not so big” stuff that teens confront or cope with on a daily basis, including tools for helping teens and their families get through the dark times they may be dealing with. Specifically, we’ll cover:

• The cycle of addiction and first steps for intervention (drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, etc.)
• Adolescent sexuality and gender identity issues
• How to help teens process life’s toughest stuff, such as suicide, moral failure of a leader, natural disasters, accidental death, school shootings, and more

These are difficult topics, but after decades of working with teenagers who have faced these kinds of issues, Marv can confidently point you to a place of hope, no matter how tough the stuff you’re dealing with is.

Marv Penner
Marv PennerA lifelong youth worker, Marv heads up Youth Specialties Canada, and is director of All About Youth and the National Centre for Excellence in Youth Ministry, an innovative program for training vocational youth workers. He’s been a member of the YS One Day training team for almost 20 years and is author of numerous youth ministry books, including Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut, Help! My Kids Are Hurting, and Youth Worker’s Guide to Parent Ministry.