Speaking Technique: An Advanced Workshop in Speaking to Teenagers - Duffy Robbins

from Duffy Robbins

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Speaking Technique: An Advanced Workshop in Speaking to Teenagers
No matter how often we stand up in front of teenagers to share God’s good news, it’s still a pretty a tough assignment. There’s something about standing there on that firing line that makes most of us always want to remain open to ways that we might sharpen our communication skills. Going beyond the basics of message construction, this seminar will focus on techniques of the actual delivery itself. Should you use notes, or not use notes? How can you maximize your use of gestures? What does research tell us about facial expressions? What are the four basic vocal characteristics and how do they expand our capacity to communicate an idea? This seminar will help you refresh and retool your speaking to teenagers.

Duffy Robbins
Duffy RobbinsDuffy is professor of youth ministry at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania, and a 30-year veteran of youth ministry. He speaks around the world to teenagers and people who love teenagers, and is author of several books, including Memory Makers, Everyday Object Lessons, This Way to Youth Ministry, Youth Ministry Nuts and Bolts (recently revised and updated), Enjoy the Silence, Speaking to Teenagers (co-authored with Doug Fields) and his newest book, Building a Youth Ministry That Builds Desciples. Audio is in MP3 format. Once purchased, it will show in your YS Store account. Log in, click on "My Account" and then "View my downloads."