Sow Small Groups - Rebecca Long

from Rebecca Long

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Sow Small Groups
“Now I understand why the church kids were not great at talking with the non-church kids”. This was a comment earlier this year from a teen who attended a Youth Alpha small group training session in Chicago!
How did Jesus Christ interact with people? Are we reflecting His example in our small groups?
During our time together we will share why Youth Alpha small groups have been effective at sowing the seeds of God’s word into teens’ lives. We will highlight tips to:
 • facilitate authentic Christ-like discussion
 • build trust
 • ‘listen’ people into the Kingdom
 • ask questions
 • and ultimately, engage teens in a loving, Holy-Spirit led process that draws them closer to Jesus Christ.

Rebecca Long
Rebecca LongRebecca serves as the National Youth Alpha Director and has been on staff with Alpha USA since 2007. She grew up attending an inner-city church in central London where her father was a pastor. From an early age, Rebecca was involved with evangelistic outreach projects, and today, six years after losing her 17-year-old brother to a drug-induced suicide, she knows first-hand how fragile life is and just how urgent our task is as Christians to obey the Great Commission.