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You want whacked-out, run-till-you-drop games? Here they are.
You want sedate games for small, quiet groups? Got ’em.

Inside Games are more than 400 indoor and outdoor games teenagers love to play:
– Balloon Games . . . Twice the fun of a church board meeting, with only half the hot air. An inexpensive good time.
– Basketball Games . . . All of them slam dunks.
– Volleyball Games . . .What self-respecting youth group doesn’t love a good volleyball game? They’ll go crazy for these bizarre mutations of the sport.
– Indoor Games for Large Groups . . .Reserve your church’s gym or fellowship hall for the night, and turn to page 35 for this collection of games!
– Living Room Games . . . Great for parties, informal gatherings — or anytime you’ve got a roomful of people just sitting around.

And more — indoor games for small groups, mind reading games, and dozens of Ping-Pong variations. Whether you’re a youth worker or a recreation leader at a church, school, club, or camp — Games is your storehouse of proven, youth-group tested ideas.

  • Form Description: Softcover
  • Contributor: Youth Specialties
  • Contributor Bio: For over thirty years, Youth Specialties has worked alongside Christian youth workers of just about every denomination and youth-serving organization. We're here to help you, whether you're brand new to youth ministry or a veteran, whether you're a volunteer or a career youth pastor. Each year we serve more than 100,000 youth workers worldwide through our training seminars and conventions, resources, and on the Internet.
  • Contributor Statement: By Youth Specialties
  • Number of Pages: 176
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Country of Publication: US
  • Publication Date: 2001

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