Dealing with Difficult Girls - Kerry Loescher

from Kerry Loescher

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Dealing with Difficult Girls
Sugar and spice and everything nice--that's what girls are made of? Then what's up with the moments when you're sitting with a group of girls and you need a flow chart to keep up with who said what and who is mad at whom? Some days there just isn't enough Kleenex or chocolate to keep up with the drama. And yet God has a tender heart and a specific plan for His daughters. Gain practical insight into the "check network" through honest discussion of the webs and layers of relationships young women have. Come discover practical ways to not only deal with, but also disciple young women through the not-so-sugar-and-spice moments.

Kerry Loescher
Kerry LoescherKerry is an instructor at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK. With more than 15 years of professional youth work experience, Kerry’s passion is seeing young people and their families connect who Jesus is with their everyday lives—and training youth workers to help students as well as their families make that connection is a highlight for her. Kerry and her husband Randy have four adolescents at home (as well as a second grader).