Creative Bible Lessons from the Old Testament

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Okay, so they used mule mail instead of e-mail — but they were still surprisingly modern men and women. With emotions, decisions, and dilemmas as raw and real as the students sitting in front of you every week. David and Rahab, Daniel and Ruth–even with their rough edges, they passionately loved Jehovah in a way today’s adolescents can understand and emulate.

This resource is filled with 12 Old Testament character studies, and to help you teach the lesson are clips from easy-to-get videos . . . games for mixing and games that teach . . . in-depth, ready-to-use questions guaranteed to spark small-group discussion . . . original role plays, scripts, dilemmas faced by these ancient but very human believers in their Yahweh. For youth workers, Sunday school teachers, and CE directors, Creative Bible Lessons from the Old Testament will help your students understand that the God who offered hope and courage to ancient history-makers still does the same for teenagers today.

12 lessons.

  • Form Description: Softcover
  • Contributor: Laurie Polich
  • Contributor Bio: With 15 years of youth ministry experience, Laurie Polich serves as pastor of small groups and discipleship at Ocean Hills Covenant Church, in Santa Barbara. She's the author of several books including Help! I'm a Small-Group Leader training curriculum and book, Studies on the Go: John, and Small Group Qs, and she speaks frequently to students and youth workers across the country.
  • Number of Pages: 112
  • Content: TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRO WHAT THIS BOOK IS ALL ABOUT, AND HOW TO USE IT SESSION 1 ABRAHAM: BELIEVE IT OR NOT (THE FAITH LESSON) Living by faith is not for wimps. SESSION 2 JACOB: IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT (THE CONTROL LESSON) We all wrestle with the issue of control now and then. SESSION 3 JOSEPH: THE WAITING GAME (THE PERSEVERANCE LESSON) Trials and temptations are meant to make us strong. SESSION 4 MOSES: FROM BENCH WARMER TO FIRST STRING (THE TRUST LESSON) Often God uses the least likely person to do great things. SESSION 5 JOSHUA and CALEB: BUCKING THE MAJORITY (THE CONFIDENCE LESSON) Hero---someone who faces a difficult or uncertain situation with strength and confidence. SESSION 6 RAHAB: FAITH OVERCOMES A FAST PAST (THE ACTION LESSON) What you live is what you believe. Everything else is just talk. SESSION 7 RUTH: KEEPING PROMISES (THE COMMITMENT LESSON) Commitment means more than saying the right words. SESSION 8 DAVID: TRUTH HURTS LESS THAN LIES (THE TRUTH LESSON) Our lies shield us from our true selves. SESSION 9 ESTHER: RIGHT WOMAN, RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME (THE PURPOSE LESSON ) God has created each one of us for a purpose. SESSION 10 JOB: BAD DAYS FOR GOOD PEOPLE (THE SUFFERING LESSON) Suffering may be the condition from which humans benefit the most. SESSION 11 DANIEL: NO FEAR (THE COURAGE LESSON) Courage grows as it is acted upon. SESSION 12 JONAH: THE LONG WAY HOME (THE OBEDIENCE LESSON) Sometimes we simply say no to God.
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Country of Publication: US
  • Publication Date: 1998

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