Beginning in Jesus Participant’s Guide

from Doug Fields

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Beginning in Jesus: 6 Small Group Sessions on the Life of Christ is the first title in the Experiencing Christ Together student edition series and brings your group face to fcae with Christ. Students will understand the many aspects of Jesus' character:
*Teacher - How and why is Jesus' teaching so different?
*Healer - Why does Jesus restore people?
*Shepherd - How is Jesus leading and caring for His people?
*Servant - Why is servanthood so important to Jesus?
* Savior - What does it mean that Jesus is a savior?
* Risen Lord - Why is it so important that Jesus really is the son of God?

Beginning in Jesus lets students love more deeply, live more honestly, and develop their character in Christ as they help each other answer His call everyday.

The Experiencing Christ Together series is the newest discipleship course from Life Together. These six new study guides have six sessions each and enable small groups to explore the power and life application of Jesus' teaching on the five biblical purposes of a Christian life by closely examining Christ's model in the Gospels. The first book lays the foundation of who Christ is and what he has done for us. The other five books explore how Jesus trained his followers to live out the five basic biblical purposes for life. Each of the six sessions is comprehensive and includes Scripture, worksheets, memory verses, journaling prompts, and daily readings that let you fashion the curriculum to fit your group.

Students understand that they were created for a reason---they know God had something in mind when he knit them together. The challenge is helping your students unlock that knowledge and start living the life they were designed for.

Experiencing Christ Together Student Edition (modeled after Experiencing Christ Together adult curriculum) brings your students face to face with Jesus, the one who holds the key to living for God. By studying Jesus' words and life, these small group studies will take your students to the heart of what it means to live purposefully for God.

Included in the Experiencing Christ Together Student Edition curriculum are these studies:
* Beginning in Jesus
* Connecting in Jesus
* Growing in Jesus
* Serving Like Jesus
* Sharing Jesus
* Surrendering to Jesus

Taken together, the Experiencing Christ Together Student Edition curriculum represent thirty-six individual sessions (almost a year's worth of small-group studies) all aimed at helping your students learn to follow God's purpose for their lives. Each piece is available separately.