Becoming a Young Woman of God

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Our middle school girls are told a lot about who they’re supposed to be. Media and culture have a great influence over how they behave, dress, and think, and more often than not, it’s not a very becoming image. For anyone who works with middle school girls, you want to help them become something more—the young women God has created them to be.

Becoming book 1 is an eight-week study that will help young girls discover who they truly are, and help them see who they can become. Using games, activities, quizzes, projects and crafts, movie clips, music, and stories, you’ll get your girls involved in a study that will help them find their true value. In this study, your small group of middle school girls will:
* know their true value and develop self-respect
* gain a godly perspective on body image and modesty
* learn to set goals and boundaries
* begin to understand their feelings
* accept who they are

Show the girls in your group that becoming a woman is about more than clothes, makeup, and boyfriends. Help them understand what it means to become a woman of God.

** After you’ve shown girls how to become women of God, take them to the next step. In Becoming book 2, they’ll learn how to deal with everyday life issues like godly young women.

  • Form Description: Softcover
  • Contributor: Jen Rawson
  • Contributor Bio: Jen Rawson is a junior high coach, and has a bachelor's degree in biblical literature and psychology. She's been working with junior high girls for over a decade, and is passionate about helping young girls walk the path to discovering God's plan for their lives. She currently lives in Valley Center, Kansas, with her husband, Ken, and their wonderful children.
  • Number of Pages: 128
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Country of Publication: US
  • Publication Date: 2008

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