Becoming a Young Man of God

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From the time they’re born, boys are given a ‘code’ to live by: don’t cry, don’t play with dolls, don’t be a wimp…you get the picture. For a middle school guy, it’s tough enough to figure out what it means to just be yourself—let alone how to become a man. Becoming a Young Man of God is an eight-week study that will help them discover what it really means to be a man. With fun, interactive activities and age-appropriate discussion questions, you’ll find that this study will help small groups of middle school guys learn how they can become the men God created them to be. In this study, you’ll help guys: * critically examine what they’ve been taught about what it means to be a man * explore the rich heritage of men in the Bible * discover their identity in God * find new ways to feel confident Help the guys in your group begin the journey to manhood with a clear perspective on what it means to be a man. Help break the code. ** After you’ve helped guys break the code, you can help them study the ultimate man—Jesus, in Living as a Young Man of God. Focusing on the life of Christ, they will learn to deal with the issues most guys face.

  • Form Description: Softcover
  • Contributor: Ken Rawson
  • Contributor Bio: Ken Rawson is the middle school director at The Chapel in Sandusky, Ohio. He graduated from Dartmouth Middle School in San Jose, California, had locker number 423, and was not allowed to attend the actual graduation or the dance afterwards! Somehow he still made it. Ken loves to hang out with his sweet wife, Jen, and their kids Ciera, Noah, Charis, and Maverick.
  • Number of Pages: 144
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Country of Publication: US
  • Publication Date: 2008

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