YS Search

Helping churches find the right fit for their job opening

brian-aaby_staff_200_200At Youth Specialties, nothing gets us more excited than new opportunities to partner with churches in student ministry. YS Search is designed to help churches find the right personnel for their open job. We pull in all of our experience working with youth pastors and understanding healthy youth ministries to assist our church partnerships that are in the middle of a leadership transition. On the flip-side we also partner with the applicant/candidate as they walk through pursuing these open opportunities.

Brian Aaby, the director of YS Search, has operated on both sides of the Youth Ministry search equation; as a youth pastor searching for a healthy church and as a part of youth pastor search teams. Brian says, “I know from experience that it’s not an easy transition and I know how much I wish the resources of YS Search had been available to me.”

Here’s how it works

YS Search partners with churches in transition to provide a health assessment, a strategic plan for necessary adjustments that need to be made before new leadership comes into play, and a recruitment team that vets all the best candidates according to the church’s needs.

YS Search partners with applicants that are looking for a transition of their own by utilizing all of our church partnerships and championing you and your abilities.

Our goal is for YS Search to be the outside help, perspective, and leadership for both our church partners and the applicants so that we can continue to see healthy ministries lead students to find an follow Jesus.

Here’s an excerpt highlighting the recent experience of Two Rivers Church, one of our first YS Search church partners:

Our experience with YS Search was first rate… Working with YS instilled the confidence that they understood our church and culture, and that we were going to find the right person. On their site trip, they spent the time necessary to gather a profile that fit us, rather than coming in with preconceived ideas of their own, and the candidates YS Search brought to us demonstrated a thorough grasp of that… YS Search was able to tap us into resources all over the country and beyond our reach, giving us a wider range of exposure for our position and the potential of folks to fill it… We experienced an ongoing personal investment in our process, and even some hand holding along the way… Grateful for the process, and grateful for a new hire!

If you have questions or would like more information, fill out the form below so that we’ll know more about your needs and how best to help. Brian Aaby will personally follow up with you and guide you through the entire process. We’re excited to show you how YS Search can help you as a church that is searching or as a youth pastor looking for your next position!

Please fill out the form below as completely as possible. It will help us prepare for a conversation with you if we have a basic understanding of your church/organization and the position you’re looking to fill. After you’ve filled out the form, you can expect to hear from our YS Search Team within 48 hours.