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Video of the Week: What Did I Sign Up For: Understanding You and Your Role

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What Did I Sign Up For? is a great new training kit for you to use with your volunteer team from Chris Folmsbee.  Not everyone can take their team to NYWC or YSpalooza every year so this is a opportunity to invest in them by training them in your own church setting. 

More about the resource:

Youth pastors rely heavily on their volunteer leaders in order to have an effective youth ministry. However, most volunteers come into a youth group with a very limited understanding of how youth ministry works, and what it takes to be an excellent leader. This DVD training tool will save youth pastors time and give them exactly what they need to train up a team of volunteer leaders that will take their ministries to the next level. Author and youth ministry veteran, Chris Folmsbee, teaches on key aspects of youth ministry leadership in each session. The DVD includes four parts: Understanding Youth Work and Youth Ministry, Relationships and Partnerships, Developing Programs and Environments, and Administration and Logistics. As volunteers follow along with the relevant and practical DVD lessons and engage with the Participant's Guide, they'll discover the tips and tools needed to become indispensable parts of the youth ministry.

Learn more about What Did I Sign Up For?

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