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Trending This Week (Aug 1)

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Every Friday we pull our favorite links from across the inter-webs. This week's trending links include a look at the real impact of violent video games, examining how to measure success in youth ministry, 7 requirements of a small group leader, and plenty of fuel for your procrastination. 

Blogs From This Week

Neely McQueen (@NeelyM) shares some great insight for any youth worker: “What You Need to Know About Ministering to Girls” CLICK TO VIEW

In a new 1Q interview, 3 incredible youth workers respond to the question: “What boundaries do you set for yourself and your youth leaders on social media?” CLICK TO VIEW

Blogs From Other Great Youth Workers This Week

Fuller (@FullerFYI) takes a look at violence in video games: “Shoot to Kill: The Real Impact of Violent Video Games” CLICK TO VIEW

FaithIt posted a great look at the students that are staying in the church and why they choose to: “3 Common Traits of Youth That Don't Leave the Church” CLICK TO VIEW

Tim Walk (@walkthetim) wrote a post about measuring your successes in youth ministry: “Redefine the Win” CLICK TO VIEW

Justin Knowles (@JustinKnowles3) shared some great things to look for in small group leaders: “7 Requirments of a Small Group Leader” CLICK TO VIEW 

Leneita Fix (@LeneitaFix) wrote an ecnouraging post for youth ministry veterans: “Dear Youth Ministry Veterans” CLICK TO VIEW

Fun Things To Fuel Your Procrastination

The best way to win a water balloon fight (with magic): CLICK TO VIEW

This guy is just as confused about math as some head pastors are about their youth workers: CLICK TO VIEW

A kid makes a brave attempt during the Commonwealth Games and of course… falls on his face on TV: CLICK TO VIEW 

Sometimes you need to see a supercut of people passing out on live TV to know that it can always be worse: CLICK TO VIEW

Cocoa farmers trying chocolate for the first time: CLICK TO VIEW

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the YS Blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of YS. 



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