Trending: 10 Things to Tell Your Students About Pornography, Listening to Girls, & More

By Youth Specialties on December 09 2013


This week's links include: 10 things to tell your students about pornography, how to listen to your girl students & more.


What She Said (the art of listening to a girl)   (download youth ministry // dym)

10 Things to Tell Your Students About Pornography (Walt Mueller)

Rebecca Black's Saturday (Jonathan McKee)

Teens Dig Digital Privacy, If Snapchat Is Any Indication (All Tech Considered // NPR)

Why Paper Bibles are Best (Smarter Youth Ministry)


Picture of Aaron Helman

From Aaron Helman on December 13, 2013

Thanks for including me on this list! Really appreciate it!

Picture of Ben Noitty

From Ben Noitty on January 11, 2014

God saves his children .Be saved today .

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