Tim Tebow Mic’d During NFL Game

By YS on December 30 2010

I wasn't a huge Tim Tebow fan when he was in college. It had more to do with being a Florida Gator hater than anything else. When he was drafted by the Broncos I just kind of figured that he'd melt away into obscurity like most Heisman trophy winners.

As a football fan, I knew two things about Tebow this year.

  1. He had the #1 selling jersey in the NFL. 
  2. Everyone was watching him. Would he ever play? Would he remain a QB? And doubters wanted to see his life blow up so they could mock his faith.

Due to a lot of circumstances, Tebow got to start last weekend for the Broncos. I like this video because the combination of video and his own audio is kind of a coming of age, in a sporting kind of way. He goes from nervousl greating a bunch of players to telling the coaches at the end of the game that he wanted to ball and the chance to win. 

Tebow's not quite Drew Brees in the NFL. But it's good to see another player willing to step up and lead both on the field and off.

What do you think? Do you like Tim Tebow? Do you think he'll be a long term role model for student-athletes? 

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Picture of Terry Linhart

From Terry Linhart on December 31, 2010


Super stuff. Thanks for the prompt. I think the Tebow story is fascinating and, though not a fan of his at Florida, I’m rooting for him in the pros - basically due to the emotionally-charged and adamant (is that a variation of your name?) opposition to him by many.  Which I think is fascinating. I can’t remember a similar response to a rookie in the NFL.

Well, you motivated me so much that I wrote my own perspective on this on my website (and I credit you for the prompt, of course). 

It certainly will be interesting to see how Tim fares in future years!



Picture of Samuel Sutter

From Samuel Sutter on January 01, 2011

I’m rooting for Tebow - but right now I’m all about Mike Vick - it’s a really redemptive story.

Picture of Geoff Cocanower

From Geoff Cocanower on January 11, 2011

Well Adam, I’m just now getting around to responding to your post. The Tim Tebow Effect is something that will be talked about for a number of years in football chapels across the country. My response flies up on the blog tomorrow!

Thanks for all you do!


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