Tech Tuesday: Do you want to know a secret?

By Youth Specialties on February 18 2014

We're starting a new weekly post called Tech Tuesday*. The idea is that we will point you towards technology that could help you in ministry, or that your students are probably tapping into, or that is just cool and fun. This week we've got one you should know about, because chances are your students are already using it. 

Check out this article about a new app called Secret, which was highlighted in Wired Magazine. Here's a little snippet:

When you sign up for Secret, the app pulls in cleaned data from your phone’s contact list and uses that to define your social circle. So anything you post gets automatically pushed into your contact’s feeds, meaning on their end they know a friend posted it, just not which one.

Deep down we all want it, but earnestness on social media is embarrassing.

Like Facebook and Twitter, Secret’s declared purpose is to connect people. But unlike its more popular counterparts, Secret isn’t about bolstering our digital identity—it’s about covering it up.

Have you heard about Secret yet? What do you think about anonymity and social media? Let us know what you think and what your students are saying about it, too!

*Note: Just because YS is telling you about a new app, tool, software, etc., does not mean that we endorse or support it. It's just our job to make sure you're in the know so you can minister to teens effectively.


Picture of Jeremy Smith

From Jeremy Smith on February 23, 2014

I think that anonymity is rapidly growing online, but honestly the bigger concern in my eyes is the idea of private communication that can lead to more issues rather than someone confessing sins to everyone and no one online.

I’d say apps like Secret should be an indication that youth ministry needs to step up their game on being a confidential and trusting voice to teenagers that can share their heart and get the help they need or the support and listening ear that they long for.

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