National Youth Ministry Networking Day!

Today is the National Youth Ministry Networking Day!

All over the U.S., youth ministry networks are gathering today for a time of prayer, encouragement, and connection. We are so excited to have been able to co-host a special part of NYMND with a live-stream webcast with Doug Clark and Wayne Morgan from the National Network of Youth Ministries. You can rewatch the live-stream HERE or in the video below…

Now that the live-stream is over, here are some simple ideas Doug Clark put together to help continue the conversation with your youth ministry network gathering…

Pray for each other.

Pray together in small-groups, one-on-one, or altogether. Share simple requests and pray for each other’s needs. This builds trust. How about trading business cards and praying for the person whose card you have until your network meets again?

Pray for the teenagers in your community.

Lift up the needs of students by name. Pray for each school you serve. This focuses your network outward.

Pray for your network’s future.

Ask God to direct you how you can be better together. Don’t let today be the only day you meet!

Discuss what's coming up that everyone needs to know about. 

Be sure to mention upcoming events that are important for all the ministries represented in the group. Have a table for those who have brought fliers for an event so that everyone can grab the information but don't use the whole time making announcements. 

Discuss a youth ministry topic that might make you a better youth leader.

You might be the best resource for someone else in the room! Pool your wisdom about working with parents (or your senior pastor), balancing your life/ministry, curriculum ideas, working with your volunteer leaders, getting access to schools, etc. 

Hang out!

As your schedule allows, either where you are meeting or at Starbucks or a restaurant, spend some time getting to know each other. Life is about relationships. You need each other, and you’re better together!

Plan to meet again.

Don’t be a one-hit wonder! Most local networks around the country meet about once a month. Before you leave, have everyone agree on when and where your next meeting will be, and put it on their calendars. Will you have food? Who will lead? Suggestion: pick 2-3 people as a “lead team” to plan the details. Get everyone’s contact information before they leave.

For long-range planning, check out Mike De Vito’s article, “Eleven Good Meetings“. 

Put your group on the map!

Before you’re done today, have someone register your group at and It only takes a few minutes, and it will allow Youth Specialties and the National Network to serve you better.

Remember, YS and NNYM are co-sponsoring “Build a Healthy Network” – a free one-hour webinar – on October 23 at 1:00p Eastern time. Go to or to learn how to sign up. 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the YS Blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of YS. 



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