Hump Day Humor with Ben — Youth Group Game FAIL

Hump Day With Ben

For many of our tribe, Wednesdays are long days. We get to the office around 8 or 9 in the morning (or 10 or 11 depending on how late we were out with students last night!) and spend much of our day gearing up for that night’s youth group. Some weeks it seems like no matter how far in advance we plot out our teaching schedule, there are always last minute preparations that eat away our day. How often do you go into youth group nights feeling rushed, like the carpet was just pulled out from under your feet? I hope I’m not the only one who’s ever felt like that!

Wednesdays often feel like a mountain in the middle of our week. Sometimes we just need a good laugh to help us clear the “hump day.” So, without further adieu, here is the second installment of Hump Day Humor with Ben!

Have you ever played a youth group game that sounded AWESOME in your head but fell apart when you played it with your group? Or a game that was a hit, but its success was drowned out by the massive clean-up that it required? Maybe you had a PERFECT game with a SEAMLESS tie-in to your lesson, and all was going well…

…Until “that kid” chimed in and it all fell to pieces. We all have “that kid” in our youth group, don’t we? “That kid” likes to meow at random times and is the last one to get a joke, causing him/her to laugh at the most inopportune time during youth group. Yeah, that kid. You know who I’m talking about!

Have you ever played Shave the Balloon? This game is a riot. I remember playing when I was in youth group. You lather up an inflated balloon and attempt to “shave” it without popping it. And sorry, no Mach 3 razors here, a cheap yellow and white Bic is all you get!

I remember doing a series on family, and one night we were talking about healthy relationships between youth and their parents. I figured Shave the Balloon would be a great game to play since shaving is a skill that dads often pass on to their sons.

In my introduction I said that this game involved a certain skill that fathers teach their boys as part of growing up. “That kid” then proceeded to rapidly raise and flap his arms in the air, as if he somehow knew what game we were going to play. With all the flapping and wiggling I’m surprised he didn’t take off in flight around the youth room! When I didn’t stop talking to give ear to “that kid,” he became all the more agitated and started meowing, in addition to the flapping. I started to wonder if cats could fly.

Maybe he saw my “stash” of balloons and shaving cream. I had to do something. In a moment of desperation, I did the unthinkable. I figured he somehow knew what game we were going to play, so I called on “that kid” and gave him the floor to tell everyone else in our group what we were going to do next.

But instead of guessing the game, he had a guess about the skill fathers teach their sons. By now you can probably imagine where this is going. “That kid” always has a tendency to throw off the youth group night!

The arms stopped flapping. The meowing mouth started to form different words. And I was bracing myself for disaster.

“That kid” speaks up and says…

 “How to have sex??”

Yes, that’s right. He seriously thought we were going to play a game that had something to do with “how to have sex.” Because apparently dads pass this “skill” on to their sons. Only “that kid” would have the audacity to vocalize, let alone even THINK, about such a youth group game!

After he took his guess, the room fell silent. And then the oldest youth leader (who also happened to be an elder at the church) suddenly busted out in laughter. When he started laughing, everyone else felt it was OK to laugh. Pretty soon we were all in tears because we were laughing so hard! It was one of those classic “did ‘that kid’ really just say that??” moments.

So, as you gear up for another night of ministry, prepare yourself for what “that kid” might unleash during your youth group meeting!

Do you have any youth group games that flopped, fell apart, required massive clean-up, or otherwise FAILed? Tell us about them in the comment section!

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