Heather Flies

Heather Flies

Heather is the Junior High Pastor at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and a member ofYouth Specialties’ One Day training team. Since 1991, Heather’s high energy and passion for life have allowed her to minister effectively to jr high students at such a vital time in their lives.

She has co-authored “Help! I’m a Woman in Youth Ministry” and “Great Talk Outlines 2.” Her first book, “I Want to Talk with My Teen about Girl Stuff” has been published through Standard Publishing.

 Heather loves football, NASCAR racing, country music, nail polish (she owns 179 bottles!), and wearing one of her 98 pair of shorts during Minnesota winters.She is the daughter of a long distance truck driver and the youngest of six children. She and her husband, Chad, live in Eden Prairie, MN.  

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