YS Listens - What Did We Hear?

Posted on October 31 2012

The following resource will reveal what you may already be speaking in your own mind. But the purpose is for you to see what youth workers across the country are thinking about, talking about, struggling with, noticing, and experiencing with the teenagers in their ministries.

Our tour took us to six cities, where we asked youth workers three questions:
1. What in your ministry to teenagers has surprised you during the last 6 months?
2. What questions do you have about how to do ministry to teens?
3. What would you do with a grant? And how much money would you need to do it?

As we lay out some of the top responses to each of these questions, we also pose additional questions for you to consider for your own ministry, either with your team of leaders, or with other youth workers in your area or in the YS Network.
Aside from meeting fabulous youth workers on our YS Listens Tour, we were honored to be able to listen to the realities they are facing on a daily basis. All this knowledge helps us better understand you and your needs, so that we can be intentional about finding ways to help you, serve you, and walk alongside you as you do youth ministry.



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