How Can I Find a New Church: Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum Free Sample

By Kara Powell and Brad Griffi Posted on February 01 2012

Do these percentages mean anything to you?



When it comes to preparing seniors for life after youth group, these are probably the two most important statistics you need to know. Approximately 40-50% of youth group seniors significantly struggle with their faith and with finding a church after graduation.

Only about 16% of college freshmen felt well prepared by their youth ministries for what they encountered after graduation. (See for more about these statistics and other research behind the Sticky Faith movement.) 

For us though, this curriculum is about more than numbers.  It is about real students—students just like the ones in your ministry right now.

This curriculum is about students like the one who described the challenge of transitioning from high school to college this way:

Transitioning out of high school into college is like you’re leaving on a giant cruise ship. You’re heading out of this harbor and everyone’s waving you off.  Let’s say this ship is your faith.  As soon as you start sailing out to this new port called college, you realize you’re in a dingy and you don’t have this huge ship, and you’re completely not prepared, and your boat is sinking!  Unless there’s someone with a life raft who’s ready to say, “We got you.  Come right here.  This is where you can be, and this is where you can grow,” you’re done.


One of the questions we most regularly asked youth group graduates was what advice they would give youth leaders when it comes to their graduating seniors.  By far, youth group graduates’ top advice was to spend time better preparing seniors for all they would face after graduation. Nothing else came close.

Hence this curriculum. 

The Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum is a 10-session journey exploring everything from the gospel and faith identity development to how to plan for the party scene at campus.  In the sample session you can download free below, you can tackle with students the important question, How can I find a new church?

As we learned in our research, finding a church or fellowship group after graduation is important to Sticky Faith.  Those who get and stay connected during the freshman year show greater faith growth than those who don’t.

Here’s to Sticky Faith!

By Kara Powell, Brad Griffin, and the team at the Fuller Youth Institute


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From Trevor on February 12, 2012

Can they be more specific about “all they would face after graduation”? That’s kind of broad.

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