Review: Momento Mori By Flyleaf

Posted on January 11 2010


By Tim Gibbons  Memento Mori, the highly-anticipated sequel to Flyleaf's 2005 self-titled debut, was well worth the four year wait. The Texas-based quintet returns with more mature lyrics, pulse pounding music and a well-defined message. Memento Mori also delivers the same intensity of Flyleaf while standing out as clear improvement for the band as a whole.


The album's rich theme, rooted in the title Momento Mori, is one of mindfulness and humility of life - make the most of the time you've been given - that originated with vocalist Lacey Mosley's desire to communicate hope to her teenage sister. "If feel like the new songs began as an open letter to my little sister," said Mosley. "Saying, 'Please don't make the mistakes that I have made.' When I am on stage and look out into the crowd, I see my sister in so many faces." 

Overall, Memento Mori presents a softer tone from songs like "I'm So Sick" off the band's first album, closer to that of the last single of 2005's Flyleaf "All Around Me". While the whole album is strong, some songs stick out in particular like the single "Again", the hard rocking "Beautiful Bride", "Swept Away" and the album's epic conclusion "Arise".

Like it's debut counterpart, spirituality is thick on this album and the songs are noticeably more open about faith and God throughout the entire record. The two songs that spread the message of God's love most strongly are "Missing" and "Treasure". "Missing" talks about turning to God for love after being hurt by the world many times, saying "Something's missing in me. I felt it deep within me as lovers left me to bleed alone". "Treasure" displays the overwhelming joy of realizing God loves you no matter what imperfections you see in yourself, declaring "Refined, I've become the most dazzling precious treasure. I am treasured over all the earth". 

"We grew up a lot since the first record, and I think that particularly shows in the selflessness that each of us now brings to Flyleaf. We're vastly different people, but we’re united in what we want to say and how we want to say it," said bassist Pat Seals for the band - Mosley, Sameer Bhattacharya and Jared Hartman (guitars), and (drummer) James Culpepper. 

All of Momento Mori's songs contain uplifting messages of personal redemption, self-worth, and God's love. This album is full of deep, moving lyrics, soaring vocals and driving rock rhythm, vaulting over the expectations fans built-up during the four-year anticipation. You'll want to be mindful of Momento Mori.


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