Review: Even Heroes Need A Parachute

Posted on January 11 2010


By Melissa Brown This Beautiful Republic captures listener's attention with their debut album, Even Heroes Need a Parachute (Forefront). A hard rock sound, driving beats and guitar rifts grab your ear and keeps your attention throughout the entire album, which is filled with surprising maturity, both musically and lyrically, for a debut album.


The album, produced by Allen Salmon, who has worked with popular artists Sanctus Real and Mute Math, provides the listener with a glimpse of the heart of the band. Not afraid to be honest, This Beautiful Republic tackles issues such as dark times with God in "Cloud Cover". This song cries out to God asking "Is there a chance for me if I have your love?"  The song asks  God to speak and gives the illustration of God being sun bleeding through cloud cover. The melodic song, "New Year" speaks about coming back to Christ, "giving Him all your love this time". Listeners are challenged to look at how they reach and live out their faith when things are crashing down, like during a plane crash, in the song "Black Box".

Even Heroes Need a Parachute is defined by the catchy choruses' that stick in your head and have you singing along. While listening, one can picture him or her self punching their fist in time with the music at a concert and lifting his or her voice to God. This concert-like aspect of the album makes any place an instant concert whether in your car, office or the shower for the low cost of one CD.


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