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Posted on December 22 2011

How to get Faceplant:

1. You need to download the video pack. This includes a special Christmas video plus all the ones made for the NYWC 2011 convention. This videos won't work with out the Faceplant app from step 2.

2. You need to download the FREE Faceplant app from When you get there, add it to your cart, and check out.  Don't worry it's FREE!

Watch this video to see how Faceplant works:

If you have trouble installing Adobe Air, you may need to visit to downlaod the installer directly. 

To set it up, point it to the YS2011 folder where all the picutes and videos are stored.  You can add your own pictures into the faces folder to edit them and put them in the movies.

Once the face is ready, click the second screen on, and press play.  If you have trouble with Faceplant the fine folks at CrowdControlGames are there to help (Help Me). 



Picture of brett

From brett on January 16, 2012

downloaded both files pull up faceplant and have no faces or videos ???????????????help????????????????????

Picture of Grady

From Grady on January 16, 2012

Don’t update Adobe AIR. The updated version is not compatible.

Picture of Mark Rivera

From Mark Rivera on May 24, 2012

Is this for a Mac as well?

Picture of Chris Davis

From Chris Davis on May 24, 2012

yes, works great on a Mac

Picture of Josh Como

From Josh Como on July 26, 2012

Which old version of Adobe Air do I need. I have tried 3.1 and 3.0 I am having the same problem. Program opens but no pics or vids. And I cannot point it anywhere…
please help

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