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What is Family-Based Youth Ministry?

by Jim Burn Posted in Youth Worker Development

If someone knows a simple definition of family-based youth ministry, please send it right away," writes Jim Burns. In the meantime, here's his best guess...

The Problem of Parents

by Mike Yaconelli Posted in Youth Worker Development

  What's the biggest obstacle to effective youth ministry? Parents.

The Art of Parental Communication: The Lighter Side

by Steven Case Posted in Youth Worker Development

A lighthearted look at what youth workers really mean when they're talking to parents.

Becoming the Sycamore Tree

by David Skidmor Posted in Youth Worker Development

Everybody knows the Zacchaeus story—but have you ever considered the role of the sycamore tree that held aloft the diminutive tax collector? If not, you should!

The Shepherd vs. the Hired Hand

by Danette Matt Posted in Youth Worker Development

The best way to evaluate your effectiveness is to honestly assess your own motives for ministry.

Youth Workers as Cross-Cultural Missionaries

by Connie Nea Posted in Featured ArticleYouth Worker Development

As Jesus was being led away for execution, Hillary motioned to me and whispered frantically, "What are they doing to him? You told me Jesus is alive!" "Shut up," her girlfriend whispered back. "Don’t you know what happens?" Another friend offered, "They hang him, don’t they?" In 1979, I was at Pepperdine studying…Read More

Developing a Theology of Pop Culture

by Steve Rabe Posted in TrainingYouth Worker Development

Comments from seminary students before and after intensive study on "A Christian Perspective on Popular Culture."


by Mike Yaconelli Posted in AdviceFeatured ArticleYouth Worker Development

Hi. My name is Mike and I am a speakaholic. For most of my 42 years in ministry, I’ve found myself speaking a lot. I speak to young people, youth workers, churches, and numerous secular organizations. It all started very innocently. I had a gift of communication, I enjoyed using…Read More

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