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5 Ways to Value a Youth Ministry Volunteer’s Time

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Your volunteers are busy people just like you. They have families and jobs and their own relationships with God. After juggling all of those things, they still manage to help you lead a thriving ministry. My guess is you want them to continue to do that for quite some time. The fastest way to drive away good volunteers is to waste their time. That's why you need to be intentional about making sure you don't.

YS Listens - What Did We Hear?

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We encourage you to talk about some of the things we discovered--either in your own ministry, your own community, or with the youth ministry community across the country. Check out the YS Network to learn more about how you can connect with youth workers from all over the U.S.

Before Fall Ministry Begins

by Jonathan McKee Posted in TrainingYouth Worker Development

Summer was fun, but the season is coming to a close and a new school year is on the horizon. The new school year brings obligatory tasks and responsibilities. Teachers start prepping their classrooms, and youth ministry leaders begin… uh… What should youth ministry leaders begin doing?  

Too Pushy…Or Too Silent

by Jonathan McKee Posted in ArticlesProgrammingYouth Worker Development

In the last few weeks I’ve had countless conversations with youth workers about sharing our faith in day-to-day real conversations, especially now that my new evangelism curriculum on DVD, Real Conversations is hitting the shelves. And every time people are always surprised with this fact… Sharing my faith one-on-one terrifies…Read More

Today’s Lazy Youth Pastor

by Jonathan McKee Posted in ArticlesYouth Worker Development

“Today’s youth pastors are the laziest bunch of people I’ve ever met.” Disagree with it if you want. I didn’t say it, and it wasn’t an all-inclusive statement. I know plenty of hardworking and even over-worked youth workers. This comment was said by my friend in a moment of frustration. But…was there some truth to it?

Free Bible Study: Adventurously Expectant

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We are so excited that our friends at InWord Resources have put together this Bible study based on the 2011 National Youth Workers Convention theme. We hope that it helps connect you with what God is doing this year in lives at the convention.  It includes 2 personal lessons for you, plus 2 lessons you can use as lessons in your youth group.

YS Looks to the Future

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The journey Youth Specialties has taken over the years is a lot like a roller coaster ride. The co-founder of YS, Mike Yaconelli, once said, “We sure didn’t know where youth ministry or our little company was headed. All we knew was that God was somehow inviting us into this…Read More

Stories of Redemption

by Jon Huckins Posted in Featured ArticleYouth Worker Development

  As I write this, I am traveling internationally seeking to build common ground between two people groups who have demonized one another through polarizing rhetoric and histories of resentment.  Behind the caricatures I am amazed at the dynamic human stories of hope and perseverance that share so much in…Read More

What the Tornado Taught Me

by Cameron Cole Posted in Featured ArticleYouth Worker Development

After serving as youth director at the Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, AL for six years, Thursday, April 28, 2011 will go down as my scariest day of youth ministry. My morning involved contacting thirty-five youth group alumni currently enrolled at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, the…Read More

You Were Born What Way?

by Shawn Michael Shoup Posted in Featured ArticleYouth Worker Development

He walked into my office, a junior high student in my student ministry – a young man that I had led in the salvation prayer several years ago when he was still in our children’s ministry program. This was my first year as a student pastor – a novice. A newbie.…Read More

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