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YS Listens - What Did We Hear?

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We encourage you to talk about some of the things we discovered--either in your own ministry, your own community, or with the youth ministry community across the country. Check out the YS Network to learn more about how you can connect with youth workers from all over the U.S.

5 Essential Elements to A Successful Training Strategy

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I was stuck, new in my position as a student ministry pastor in my home church. We had just completed a very successful church-wide volunteer ministry fair. Sitting in my office I stared at the 10 sign-up cards for about 20 minutes, hoping for inspiration.

Training Student Leaders… Yourself!

by Jonathan McKee Posted in High SchoolProgrammingTraining

If you want to train your teenagers without the expense of hiring professional trainers, you can easily do effective training yourself by using regularly scheduled student leadership meetings.              

Where are the frontline “trenches” for youth ministry?

by Terry Linhar Posted in ArticlesTraining

This Friday across America, most communities will be hosting a high school football game and a significant portion of the youth in that community will be in attendance.  But how many youth workers will be there? Before school a group of students will stand next to cars near the high…Read More

Before Fall Ministry Begins

by Jonathan McKee Posted in TrainingYouth Worker Development

Summer was fun, but the season is coming to a close and a new school year is on the horizon. The new school year brings obligatory tasks and responsibilities. Teachers start prepping their classrooms, and youth ministry leaders begin… uh… What should youth ministry leaders begin doing?  

Seven Ways to Connect with Teenagers This Summer

by Jonathan McKee Posted in ArticlesTraining

Youth ministry leaders are always looking for venues where their adult leaders can connect with young people—it’s a foundational summer priority in youth ministry. But what are some of the best arenas where teenagers actually open up and talk during the summer? And what are some tools we can give our adult leaders to seek out these times?            

When Did Programming Become the P-Word?

by Jonathan McKee Posted in ArticlesProgrammingTraining

Have you noticed that “programming” has become a bad word in many youth ministry circles? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I love the push-back against those of us who have become so program-focused that we lose sight of why those programs were created to begin with. Sadly, I’ve seen way…Read More

How Can I Find a New Church: Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum Free Sample

by Kara Powell and Brad Griffi Posted in Adolescent DevelopmentFeatured ArticleFree ResourcesProgrammingTraining

The Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum is a 10-session journey exploring everything from the gospel and faith identity development to how to plan for the party scene at campus.  In the sample session you can download free below, you can tackle with students the important question, How can I find a…Read More

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Student Ministry: Pride

by Charlie Harper Posted in Training

The Sin “My students” and “my ministry” are expressions of sincere ownership youth workers use. But to whom do your students really belong?  Who called you to ministry in the first place?  Who truly makes life change possible?  It really is tough to be called by God to minister to students and not feel a sense of pride and ownership.  However, pride is one of the “seven deadly sins” that can destroy your ministry. 

A Spiritual Coup in South America: Convencion de Liderazgo Juvenil

by Lucas Ley Posted in Training

"Things that U.S. youth workers would take for granted at a Youth Specialties Convention seemed radical in Argentina-casual clothes, no VIP chairs for the head honcho pastors, the diversity of speakers (even speakers who disagree with each other!), late-night forums where opposing ideas could be expressed and discussed, and the variety of dancing and worship styles."

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