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Review: Lose Your Cool By Zach Hunter

by Patti Gibbons Posted in Resource and Book Reviews

Filled with character portraits sharing stories of determined, sold-out living, Zach Hunter's Lose Your Cool offers teenagers fuel to move on making a difference in their world. Knowing that Hunter is also a teenager, one who has taken his own advice and is serious about living for God's purpose in his life, makes Lose Your Cool a natural choice to help challenge your students to 'go and do likewise.'

Review:  Inside The Mind Of Youth Pastors By Mark Riddle

by Patti Gibbons Posted in Resource and Book Reviews

The central question of long-time youth minister and youth ministry consultant Mark Riddle's book Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors - A Church Leader's Guide to Staffing and Leading Youth Pastors asks "Why does your church want to hire a youth pastor?"  Touching on issues of community, leadership, communication, mentoring, and the value of youth in the church, Inside the Mind is foremost a tool for the local church to use in discerning how to build sustainable ministry to youth.

Review: Soul School By Jeanne Stevens

Posted in Resource and Book Reviews

Youth workers often have a reputation of being tireless, resilient and somewhat headstrong. I think it can also be said that youth workers spend so much time and energy helping others grow in their faith that they neglect caring for their own souls.  Veteran youth worker Jeanne Stevens feels the…Read More

Review: Culture Making By Andy Crouch

Posted in Resource and Book Reviews

Andy Crouch has spent years looking at and being involved in culture, and in Culture Making he draws on that experience to help fellow Christians better understand the culture(s) around them.  Throughout the book, you notice one of the ongoing themes is the fact that Crouch believes, ultimately, that culture is not about us, but, rather, is about God.

Review: Wide Awake By Erwin Raphael McManus

Posted in Resource and Book Reviews

Do you sometimes feel like life just happens and all you do is react to it? Or maybe you feel like you are just a part of a big dream and you're wondering 'when it is time to wake up?' In Erwin McManus’ latest book, Wide Awake, he challenges you to not just to wake up, but to get out of bed and make life happen.

Review: Wild Goose Chase By Mark Batterson

by Sara Evanchick Posted in Featured ReviewResource and Book Reviews

I get nervous when I hear several good reviews of a book. I worry that when I actually get around to reading it, my expectations will be so high that I will end up being disappointed. I didn't have that problem with Wild Goose Chase. All the great things I heard about the book were absolutely true!

Review: Manga Messiah From Next Ministries

by Mike Kupferer Posted in Resource and Book Reviews

What happens when you mix Japanese animation with the compelling stories found in the Gospels?  You get the Manga Messiah. Manga Messiah follows the entire life of Jesus according to the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) from His birth to His resurrection.  There is only one word to describe this 280 page book - fantastic.

Review: Help! My Family

Posted in Resource and Book Reviews

How can we face the wounds of our past? What if those wounds were originally cut by our own family? Specifically, how can we help our youth begin to heal some of their wounds? Is there any hope for their future? By putting a modern spin on the story of Joseph found in Genesis, Emily Parke Chase addresses some of the darkest and challenging wounds that can come from our own families in her book Help! My Family's Messed Up.

Review: Awakening Youth Discipleship By Brian Mahan, Michael Warren, And David White

Posted in Resource and Book Reviews

Awakening Youth Discipleship brings together a trio of Methodist and Roman Catholic youth ministry academics to present their thoughts about discipling adolescents in a consumer culture. Youth ministry veterans Brian Mahan, Michael Warren, and David White each offer two chapters in this short book (126 pages). However, unlike many youth ministry books written by professors, this volume offers a good balance of sound theological critique and concrete examples and suggestions for ministry.  

Review: Modern Parables: Living In The Kingdom Of God

Posted in Resource and Book Reviews

Modern Parables: Living in the Kingdom of God Volume 1 is a DVD curriculum for a 12-week Bible study produced by a fairly new Christian media company called Compass Cinema.  Volume 1 was released in October 2007, and is touted as "Bible studies designed for people who like movies". 

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