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WWJT : What Would Jesus Tweet?

by Steven Case Posted in Programming

Okay, I have this student—I’m guessing you have one who’s similar. She’s a senior this year, mom and dad are divorced, she has a part time job, she’s struggling to hold onto a 3.8 GPA (to get the college scholarship), and she went to the homecoming dance with three of her friends because she broke up with her boyfriend just a few days before.

Summer Fun Bible Tips

by Barry Shafer Posted in Programming

Summer certainly knocks you out of a rhythmic school-year routine, but that doesn’t mean you have to take a break from all things youth ministry. In fact, a different routine can help you approach components of your ministry from a completely different, more creative angle. Like Bible study, for instance.…Read More

Adding Creativity to Your Ministry

by Mike Kupferer Posted in AdviceProgramming

 Being part of a creative youth ministry is what most new youth workers desire. Creative youth ministries (and congregations in general) are glamorized by magazines, websites, conventions and the youth ministry world. Being creative is the goal, or at least that is how it is portrayed when the pedestal of…Read More

Awaken the Creative Genius in Your Ministry

by Jonathan McKee Posted in Programming

It’s Wednesday night, 7:15 p.m., and 22 kids fill the small youth room. According to the evening agenda (scribbled in ballpoint on a napkin), it’s time to “pull everyone together” and start. What’s next? Announcements, Worship, Talk, Dismiss. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Exploring the Art of Bible Storying

by Michael Novelli Posted in Programming

After 10 years in youth ministry, I felt as though I’d tried everything to help my students connect with the Bible. Then when an American missionary to Africa taught me the art of Bible Storying, I realized it was more than just a new way to teach. It was a complete shift in how I could help students with their spiritual formation. It was about helping students become learners and observers of the Bible and life.

Mary Christmas: Reaching Out To Teen Moms

by Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonal Posted in Adolescent DevelopmentProgramming

By Ginger Sinsbaugh MacDonald Okay. We’ve heard the story a zillion times. Even those of us who are Chreasters  (those who only show up for church on Christmas and Easter) know the story about the pregnant teen named Mary. She and her fiancé Joe didn’t have reservations at the Red Roof Inn…Read More

Ministry Synergy

by Youth Specialtie Posted in ProgrammingYouth Worker Development

What if I told you that you could work less and accomplish more? What if I told you that you could go home from the office today satisfied, knowing you’ve accomplished all you could today? What if I could help you create more time for the work you enjoy and less time for administrative work? You’d be in, wouldn’t you?

Vision, Goal, And Mission Statements

by Youth Specialtie Posted in Programming

By Adam McLane  Every organization can measure success.  It doesn’t matter if you’re running a non-profit, a government agency, a corporation, small business, or an educational institution… you need to have some ways to set the course and measure your progress. That is, if you would like to succeed.

Geocaching - The Thrill Of The Hunt

Posted in Programming

By Jon Hicks  You’re trekking through a wooded area on the outskirts of your local park, scanning the undergrowth for signs of the treasure.  Your GPS tells you that you’re closing in, but you still don’t have a visual on the target. Then you spy it. High in the tree…Read More

Introducing The Ignatian Examen To Your Students

by Josh Cook Posted in Programming

Last time we talked about what the Ignatian Examen was and how to apply it in our own lives. This time we're going to talk about getting your students involved.

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