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Mars Bars and Cans of Coke

by David Brow Posted in Programming

A peek at how "the ordinary is becoming extraordinary" in Irish youth ministry.

Malaysia: Second Thoughts on Children and More…

by Sivin Ki Posted in Programming

"If there's a gift we could offer our kids it would be a church that's truly an intergenerational family where they can see Godparents,grandparents,uncles and aunties, and brothers and sisters learning to follow Jesus together."

A Passion for Homeless Christians

by Simon Hal Posted in Programming

Leading the teens of Leeds back to church—though a very different kind of church.

“To the Ends of the Earth”

by Danny Kwon Posted in Programming

How can we be more effective in an ever-increasingly multicultural and multiracial youth ministry setting?

What Attracts and Keeps Students at Your Church?

by Kara Powel Posted in Programming

Think about the last student who showed up at one of your youth ministry events for the first time. Did they come back? If not, why not? If so, that's great, but do you know what your ministry did that kept them coming back to your church?

Adolescent Spirituality, What Can We Expect?

by Les Parrott II Posted in Programming

How much commitment are teenagers capable of, anyway?

Boys Will Be Boys: Rites of Passage and Male Teens

by David Olshin Posted in Programming

So few markers exist between childhood and adulthood. Could rites of passage help keep our young men from a mass church exodus?

Beyond Gender: We Are All One in Christ

by Sheila Ahlbran Posted in Programming

Takes a look at the unwritten rules of gender, challenging us to get beyond "boy stuff" and "girl stuff" in our youth groups.

Youth Ministry for the Whole Family

by Tom Lytl Posted in Programming

Your kids don't live only in the youth room—the rest of the week they share a house with moms, dads, and probably a sibling or two. Here's how a little attention to the whole family can do wonders for your ministry effectiveness.

Shifting Cognitive Styles: Changes in the Way We Think

by Mark Matlock Posted in AdviceProgramming

Better than understanding postmodern philosophy, realizing differing cognitive styles can help us more effectively minister to this emerging generation of young people.

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